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Coratory Project
The tenderness flying down from fingers... The music washing away borders...
Play like we, play with us! The music washing away borders!

Coratory's music

Waiting for you MIDI

No. Name of composition Release date
1. Waiting for you (version 2002) 2002
2. My Love (version 2002) 2002
3. My friends 2003
4. Stranger Girl 2003
5. Ann 2004
6. New Flight 2003
7. Happiness (XG midi) 2004
8. The Leaves 2004

My Loneliness MIDI

No. Name of composition Release date
1. The Song of Despair 2005
2. New Line (composed with my sister) 2006
3. In the House (Anime Theme) 2006
4. The Sweet Recollection 2006
5. Ride with you (In the World of Animals) 2006

Japanese games OST MIDI covers

No. Name of composition Release date
1. Fantasy Star IV by Sega (1-st Stage) 2006
2. Star Wars (Nintendo) 2006
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